Staged reading

Els gossos

by Nelson Valente
Translated by
Joan Negrié

At 6 p.m.

Sala de dalt
Free entry

Four plays that we could have seen at different theatres in Barcelona if the Festival GREC could have been held as was planned. We will be able to become acquainted with them as if it were the first day of rehearsals, with the actors sitting around the table and with the corresponding explanations from the artistic teams involved.


On the day of her 40th birthday, Laura has a fleeting but overwhelming experience: during her commute on the underground, a stranger smiles at her and whispers something into her ear. Once home, during her party, that seed germinates and will end up bombarding her “supposedly” settled family life, despite Laura’s efforts to maintain the union with and between her loved ones. Manel, Emili, and Alicia, comfortably basking in their fears, will find themselves forced to review certain considerations that will convert their placid household into a battlefield. Meanwhile, Laura discovers that she is capable of her greatest heroinism: daring to look at the world from her conscience.

This activity will be streamed on Youtube

Written and directed by Nelson Valente

Translated by Joan Negrié

Cast: Mercè Aránega, Màrcia Cisteró, Joan Negrié and Albert Pérez

A production of Sala Trono with the collaboration of Grec Festival de Barcelona

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