Dramatic Writing Laboratory (LABDRAM)
From 16/07/2020 to 17/07/2020

At 5 p.m.

Sala d'assaig
3€ | Personatges de la Beckett free entry

POLIS is a self-sufficient state ruled by LOGOS, the most evolved artificial intelligence on the planet, designed to create and maintain the conditions of a happy society.

In POLIS there is a perfect balance between natality and mortality, therefore it needs no immigration. Only an annual symbolic ceremony, FRONTERA, offers the opportunity to an External inhabitant to enter POLIS… in exchange for another person leaving.

“Frontera” is a collective creation show by the Dramatic Writing Laboratory focusing on Artificial Intelligence. Generated based on writing improvised in groups and other collective creation processes, it proposes to us a hypothesis that is not at all unreal or far-removed regarding our future.

“Frontera” is also a question mark that asks to what extent we are leaving the most important decisions in the hands of algorithms. However much we do not need to understand how a calculator functions to accept its results, would we accept more complex decisions without understanding them? Is a LOGOS truly artificial or does it respond to human biases?

Created by: Yaiza Ares, Angelita Balcázar, Joana Brabo, Triana Doce, Juan Pablo Fuentes, Pablo Macho, Ximena Marsé, Xavi Oribe, Mar Pawlowski, Mireia Rey, Adriana Segurado, Dante Sorgentini, Alba Teixidó, Carla Torres, Laura Verazzi, Marcos Xalabarder and Marta Xalabarder

Show directing and performance: Angelita Balcázar, Triana Doce, Juan Pablo Fuentes, Ximena Marsé, Xavi Oribe, Mireia Rey, Dante Sorgentini, Laura Verazzi and Marcos Xalabarder

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