Staged reading

Idoti Iranti

by Eu Manzanares

At 7 p.m.

Parc Central del Poblenou
Free entry

Five works by some of the newest authors incorporated into the Catalan playwriting scene. All have premiered plays on the professional circuit and are starting to contribute new quality and diversity to the contemporary theatre scene. We will be hearing a lot about them.


We find ourselves in a dystopian society. Or in a parallel reality. Or perhaps in a not-too-distant future. Who knows? What we do know, is that we are at an international convention for new technologies, very close to an immense macro dumping ground. The atmosphere is strange… or is it that some people are simply not used to the heat and the stench of electronic waste? HIM and HER. IDOTI and IRANTI. They search for each other, without knowing. And while searching without knowing, they make unexpected discoveries, about themselves and the reality that surrounds them. Is it because of the palm wine? Or is it that, sometimes, circumstances can lead us to flee far, far away… even from ourselves?

Written and directed by Eu Manzanares

Cast: Silvia Albert Sopale, Miquel Àngel Ripeu, Xavier Teixidó and Júlia Truyol

Production of the staged reading: Sala Beckett

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