Round table

New normal, old norms?

with Sira Abenoza, Roger Bernat and David Fernàndez

At 7:30 p.m.

Parc central del Poblenou
Free entry

Increasingly we are hearing about The new normal in relation to the world post-COVID. These words, which otherwise seem very grand, have an aura as hopeful as it is threatening. We find in Antigone a mirror that can serve us as a driving force for reflection: with her we share the fact that we have not been able to keep vigil over or bury our dead, but in contrast we have obeyed the measures of the state of exception without protest. Are the law of the polis and moral law still clashing? What law will mark the supposed new normal? What does talking about the new normal entail? From the Beckett Philosophy Workshop, we will bring together these three voices to consider questions that allow us to start finding some orientation, however minor, in this new scenario that is opening up.

We encourage everyone who wants to come to the round table (and those who do not want to, as well) to watch first the video “Aegra timoris (Sick of fear) 2020”, by Úrsula San Cristòbal. It was entirely filmed and edited in Barcelona during the quarantine period for the COVID-19 pandemic, and can be found at the following link

With the participation of:

Sira Abenoza (philosopher and founder of the Institute for Socratic Dialogue)
Roger Bernat (theatre director and playwright)
David Fernàndez (journalist and social activist)

Moderated and organised by: Philosophy Workshop at the Sala Beckett

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