El nino – allà on és més fàcil veure-s’hi

by Irene Petra Zani
Translated by
Joan Casas

A woman faces the sea with her life partner, a male inflatable doll. She is not able to swim. For her, the doll is real and its eyes without eyes are the only eyes that she can love. The relationship existed and lasted for over ten thousand years: this love is barely degradable, like plastic. Like an illusion.

The play deals with the pathology of anorexia, understood here in the sense of a symptom and as self-defence following abuses that occurred during childhood, and it tells of the tragicomedy of impossible love and its inexhaustible demand for meetings and dialectics with the Other, eternally present and absent.

This staged reading is part of the creative residence of Irene Petra Zani at Sala Beckett.

Supported by:

Written by Irene Petra Zani
Translated by Joan Casas
Directed by Loredana Volpe

Actress:  Enka Alonso

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