Beckett Itinerary – New!

Write your first play for theatre

Maintaining the open, free and personal configuration orientation of its training offer – whereby each individual chooses courses and themes for experimentation in line with their own interests – the Sala Beckett recommends a specific itinerary for those wishing to make deeper inroads and give greater coherence to their training in playwriting and dramatic arts.
The itinerary consists of a first phase (E1) which requires the taking of, at least, 3 beginners’ courses in playwriting, 3 advanced courses and 2 courses for other disciplines in a period not exceeding three years.

Once this phase is completed, the second phase of the itinerary (E2) begins, which is free of charge and of an eminently practical nature. It consists of writing a play over the course of a year, with the process monitored by 2 free tutorials (one with a performing arts professional and another one with a member of Sala Beckett’s artistic directing team). Once the process has been completed, the Sala Beckett will programme a staged reading of the work written, with professional directing and actors.
The monitoring of this itinerary is adapted to the general regulations on discounts and benefits of the Sala Beckett’s courses.

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