La primera bicicleta, el primer petó, la primera obra

From 17/10/2019 to 19/12/2019
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Cristina Clemente

A graduate in Directing and Playwriting Studies from the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona.

She is the author of the following plays: Paradise Band (2007), Marc i Paula (2008), Zeppellin (2008), Volem anar al Tibidabo (Critics of Barcelona Revelation Prize 2009), La gran nit de Lurdes G, cowritten and codirected with Josep Maria Miró (Runner-up for the Lluís Solà Prize 2008), La millor obra del teatre català (2009), Vimbodí versus Praga (2010), Radio Nights (2011), La nostra Champions particular (2012), Family Council (2013), Ventura (2015), Les Clink (2020), Les ulleres per mirar carregadors (winner of the Catalan Playwriting Tournament in the Temporada Alta Festival, 2018, and of the Buenos Aires Playwriting Tournament in the Sala Timbre 4, 2019), Pixelated Andrea (2019), Lapònia (2019), Dolors, cowritten and codirected with Eulàlia Carrillo and Sergi Belbel (2019) and Una dent sota el coixí (2021).

She is the author, together with Sergi Belbel, of the script of the film Eva (nominated for best script at the Goya cinema Awards). She is also the scriptwriter of the film A Perfect enemy (based on Amélie Nothomb’s novel Cosmétique de l’ennemi).

She worked as a scriptwriter on the tv shows El cor de la ciutat (TV3), Sin identidad (Antena 3), La Riera (TV3), Com si no t’hagués conegut (TV3) and Les del Hoquei (Tv3). She is currently scriptwriter of Com si fos ahir (TV3).

Translations of her plays into other languages are available at

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