Teatre eròtic i teatre pornogràfic

Teacher: Paco Zarzoso ,
From 12/03/2018 to 16/03/2018
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Paco Zarzoso

Playwright, actor and director. During the years that the Companyia Hungaresa de Teatre was alive, he was its administrator, and he shared the functions of artistic director with Lola López and Lluïsa Cunillé, the other founders of the company. As a playwright, he has premiered over 20 plays and has directed around fifteen shows. Among his plays for theatre, highlights include Hilvanando cielos (2013), El alma se serena (with Lluïsa Cunillé, 2010), L’última paraula (2009), El mal de Holanda (2008), Tiempo luego existo (2007), Ciudadano Sade (2007), Arbusht (2006), Solo ante el delirio (2005), Exilio (2004), El páramo donde fue herido de muerte Jorge Manrique (2003), El hipnotizador (2002), Húngaros (with Lluïsa Cunillé, 2002), Ultramarinos (1999), Cocodrilo (1998), Valencia (1997), Umbral (1996) and Viajeras (with Lluïsa Cunillé, 1996).

He has also received various prizes, prominently including the Marqués de Bradomín 1996 and the Enrique Llovet 1997 for Umbral, the Max Aub 1998 of the Theatres of the Generalitat for L’altre (translation into Valencian of Umbral), the Critics’ Prize of Valencia 1998 for Cocodrilo, the SGAE Prize for Theatre 1998 for Mirador and the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize 1999 for the best show and the Serra d’Or Prize for the best show for Ultramarins. He also regularly teaches courses in dramaturgy and playwriting.

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