Els malnascuts

by Pablo Macho Otero. Direction: Txiki Blasi
From 16/06/2014 to 21/06/2014

Author: Pablo Macho Otero

Director: Txiki Blasi

Cast: Ester Cabasés Llovera, Colette Casas Prohias, Maite Guilera Ballesteros, Blai Juanet Sanagustín, David López, Pablo Macho Otero, Laia Manzanares Tomás, Sergi Núñez de Prado and Laura Ramis

Stage Designer: Marta Albanell, Marta Lofi and Luna Nother

Costume Designer: Marina Prats

Light and Sound Designer: Lluís Serra
Direction assistant: Oriol Pla
Coordination and production: Guillem Barbosa, Xavi Gamito, Elena Martín and Alba Saez

A Els malnascuts proposal, the young creative laboratory.

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