La tríada: contra el diàleg

by Marta Barceló, Llàtzer Garcia and Joan Yago
Directed by
Joan Fullana

At 8 p.m.

Sala de dalt
10€ | Characters Beckett 8€


When we talk about “dialogue” as the only way of solving all the problems of the world today, what are we talking about precisely? What exactly does dialogue mean? How does one hold dialogue within the context of an increasingly individualised and polarised society? Or perhaps the real problem is words, this blind and absolute faith in words?

This show takes three short plays, written as the consequence of a dialogue between three playwrights and three intellectuals, and it makes them dialogue between themselves to construct a single theatrical artefact. The result: a discussion, a dispute, a spitting match… or, simply, three pieces that converge on the stage to talk about a common theme?

The Obrador d’estiu at the Sala Beckett is one of the periods of the year that the theatre precisely devotes, with greater intensity, to dialogue between men and women playwrights from around the world and between them and other stage creation professionals, and also with the public. This piece written by three of the most interesting playwrights from the current Catalan theatre scene will be the inaugural event of the 17th edition of the Obrador d’estiu at the Sala Beckett.

Written by: Marta BarcelóLlàtzer Garcia and Joan Yago

Directed by: Joan Fullana

Thinkers: Emili Manzano (journalist and writter), Meritxell Esquirol (sociologist) and Joaquim Valdivielso (professor of philosophy)

Cast: Jordi Figueras, Lluqui Herrero and Lluís Marquès

Lighting and sound space: Olivier Auclair
Costume design: Josep Orfila
Photography: Llorenç Gris
Communication: Cristina Bugallo
Executive production: Fàtima Riera

A Produccions de Ferro and Espai el Tub production

With the support of Departament de Cultura, Patrimoni i Política Lingüística del Consell de Mallorca

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