Amalie Olesen


Amalie Olesen graduated as a playwright from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2016 and had her debut same year at Aarhus Theatre with The Pure Rooms. Since then, she has been writing plays that have been produced nationally and internationally. In 2018 her play Insomnia was produced at The National Theatre in Reykjavik, and her play Moon Bull was presented at the Susaki Gallery in Japan. In 2020 her play Mikrobia premiered at the Vega Scene in Oslo. That same year she received a literature work grant from the Arts Council of Denmark. Together with director Martina Scarpelli, she is currently co-writing a feature film, the animated opera PSYCHOMACHIA. This fall her first short film Shegod will premiere along with two audio walks, one created for The Glyptotek in Copenhagen and one for Theater Apropos, with which she is also currently working with the youth play twentytwenty.