April De Angelis


She has written for theatre, radio and opera.
Plays include Playhouse Creatures (Lyric Theatre, 1993; Old Vic, 1997; West Yorkshire Playhouse, 2004, and Chichester, 2012. Also produced in the USA, Hungary, Poland and France), The Positive Hour (Hampstead Theatre, 1997), A Warwickshire Testimony (Royal Shakespeare Company, 2000), A Laughing Matter (Royal National Theatre, 2002), Wild East (Royal Court Theatre, 2005), Catch, written together with Stella Feehily, Tanika Gupta, Chloe Moss and Laura Wade (Royal Court Theatre, 2006), and Jumpy (Royal Court Theatre, 2011, and Duke of Yorks Theatre, 2012. To be produced in Hamburg in 2013). She is also the author of Flight –Libretto– (Glyndbourne Opera, 1997. Also produced in the USA, France, Germany, Belgium and Holland).  
April has also taught with the Royal Court International Department in India, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Cuba and Mexico.
She teaches playwriting part time at Essex University.