Eva Mir

(València, 1996)

Eva Mir graduated in Playwriting and Stage Direction from RESAD in Madrid. She widened her studies with playwrights like Alberto Conejero and Jordi Casanovas in La Joven Compañía, with Antonio Rojano through the Teatro del Barrio and with Lucía Miranda, Rakel Camacho, Julián Fuentes and Víctor Velasco through the ETC Scholarship of the Sala Cuarta Pared or and the Grotowski Institute in Poland. She did an internship in playwriting and direction at the Centro Dramático Nacional with the play Refugio, by Miguel del Arco, and her play El silencio de los relojes was published by Fundamentos. She has written and directed plays such as Antípodas, El latido mudo and Hacia Regolit, premiered at the Sala Cuarta Pared, Nave 73 and El Umbral de Primavera. She is a member of the jury for awards such as the Jardiel Poncela of the Fundación SGAE and the Calderón de la Barca Award. She premiered La Conmoción, within the project La Pira, directed by Alfredo Sanzol first via streaming and later at the Teatro Valle Inclán. Her play Héroes en diciembre received the Teatro Calderón de la Barca National Award 2019 and premiered, under her direction, at the Centro Dramático Nacional in the 2020/2021 season. She specialised in audiovisual language in the UCM – The Mediapro Studio master’s degree in Scriptwriting and over the last year has been part of the scriptwriting team of El Internado Las Cumbres for Amazon Prime.