Juli Disla

(Aldaia, València, 1976)

(Aldaia, València, 1976 )

He writes, premieres and Publisher the majority of his own works: La ràbia que em fas (2008) 36th Ciutat d’Alcoi Theatre Prize, A poqueta nit (1998) Micalet Prize and Ciudad de la Laguna Prize, Swimming pool (2000) nominated for the Max Prizes 2005 as best text in Catalan, Conxín, l’elegida (2002) Ciutat de València Theatre Prize 2002 and Happy (2008) among others.

In children’s theatre he has written Castigats (2000) Xaro Vidal Prize for Children’s Theatre, Paraules a les butxaques (2001), Tris Tras Trus, una història de sentits (2006) and Malos y malditos (2008) among others. He has taken part in the writing of theatre plays with several authors in Cotxes (1999), Un de sol (1999), Dies d’ensalada (2000), Construyendo a Verónica (2006) and T’espere baix (2007) and in the production of short plays, adaptations, versions and scripts for television such as Autoindefinits, Maniàtics and Check-in Hotel for Canal 9.

Translations of his plays into other languages are available at www.catalandrama.cat.