Klaus Maunuksela


Klaus Maunuksela (1993) is a Helsinki-based dramaturg and playwright who is active in the fields of performance, literature and artistic research. His latest works include a documentary drama on the economic and emotional precariousness of art making in the competitive environment of the art world as well as various interdisciplinary collaborations with other artists. His upcoming prosaic work Manuaali (2022) is an experimental novel on the post-digital life condition, written in tandem with kinetic live audiobook by virate.me, a performing arts and new media collective. Klaus has studied dramaturgy and playwriting at the University of Arts Helsinki, where he is conducting a doctoral research project on the dramaturgical operations of the linguistic antiproduction. Among other activities, he is a member of board in the literary organization Nuoren Voiman Liitto and one of the organizers of KNF Festival for Finnish Plays.