Lutz Hübner

(Heilbronn, Alemanya, 1964)

Lutz Hübner is one of the most prolific German playwrights (he has written more than 30 plays) with the greastest international presence and influence. Although he became known with Tränen der Heimat (1995), success came three years later with Das Herz eines Boxers (The Heart of a Boxer), for which he received the Deutscher Jugendtheaterpreis becoming one of the most promising German playwrights, especially in the field of young people’s theatre. Since then he has constantly published and premiered plays to great critical and public acclaim. Outstanding among his plays are Alles Gute (1998), Creeps (2000), Winner & Loser (2002), Scratch! (2003), Nellie Goodbye (2003), Hotel Paraiso (2004), Ehrensache (2005), Für alle das Beste (2006), Die letze Show (2006) and Aussetzer (2007).

He is recognised for having achieved a highly personal writing style and method and for using a language that connects with the young audience. His plays contain forthright social criticism and speak of the world of the young who find themselves on the cusp of adulthood, of their concerns or obsessions, of their fears faced with an uncertain future; in short, youths without ideals.

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