‘Una gossa en un descampat’, september 2019
by Clàudia Cedó
Directed by: Sergi Belbel ,
More information Catalan / Spanish
Karaoke Elusia
by Oriol Puig
Author: Oriol Puig ,
Directed by: Oriol Puig ,
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“La morta” de Pompeu Crehuet
by Marc Crehuet
Author: Marc Crehuet ,
Directed by: Marc Crehuet ,
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Esperant Godot
by Samuel Beckett
Author: Samuel Beckett ,
Translated by: Josep Pedrals ,
Directed by: Ferran Utzet ,
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Avinguda Nacional
by Jaroslav Rudiš
Translated by: Naila Rami ,
Directed by: Martí Torras ,
He calls himself Vandam. As Jean-Claude van Damme. He’s a hero. A warrior. Continental. He knows all about the battles. In both personal and historical sense. He has an opinion about everything. Politics. Women. The world. In the curial year of 1989, he stood in Prague on the National Avenue,[...]
El chico de la última fila
by Juan Mayorga
Author: Juan Mayorga ,
Directed by: Andrés Lima ,
More information Catalan / Spanish 
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