Karaoke Elusia
by Oriol Puig
Author: Oriol Puig ,
Synopsis Anita, Sam, and Cristian rent out a private karaoke room to celebrate their high-school graduation. During the night they sing songs and recreate everything that has happened in the last year. It has been a difficult academic year for all three of them. Some months ago, Sam tried to[...]
El combat del segle
Author: Denise Duncan ,
Translated by: Marc Rosich ,
More information in Catalan / Spanish
Avinguda Nacional
by Jaroslav Rudiš
Translated by: Naila Rami ,
Directed by: Martí Torras Mayneris ,
Synopsis He calls himself Vandam. Like Jean-Claude van Damme. He’s a hero. A warrior. Continental. Knows everything about combat. He has an opinion on everything. Politics. Women. The world. In 1989, in Prague, he marched down the National Avenue, which on 17 November hosted demonstration that led to the fall[...]
El chico de la última fila
by Juan Mayorga
Author: Juan Mayorga ,
Directed by: Andrés Lima ,
More information Catalan / Spanish 
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