Putting an end to theatre

Playwriting workshop aimed at authors, actors, performing artists, directors, visual artists and dancers, without pre-requisites
From 05/07/2021 to 08/07/2021
Monday to Thursday from 10a.m. to 2p.m.
French with consecutive translation
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Total hours: 16h


Course description

In France, theatres have been closed for almost a year.
And I must confess that I haven’t missed the shows. That I haven’t missed the theatre.
Many artists repeat until they are hoarse that theatre is essential. It doesn’t seem that way to me.
I have always viewed theatre as an excuse for getting to know people. Writing to get to know others and for people whom we were not intended to know to get to know us.
We will be devoting the workshop to this question. If we end up without theatre, what purpose do we playwrights serve? For whom can we write and how can we write (with others)?
Based on random meetings in Barcelona, we will explore ways of constructing our own theatre, with a biro, or with a Mac, and with courage.

Within the GREC 2021 Festival of Barcelona.

Mohamed El Khatib

He is an author, director and producer, and he develops unique documentary fiction projects within the spheres of performance, literature and cinema. Through intimate epic, he invites in turns a farmer, a cleaning lady and some sailors who share with him the authorship of a writing from the present time. After Moi, Corinne Dadat (2015), which proposed that a cleaning lady and a classical dancer reviewed their skills, he continued his exploration of the working class with the monumental play STADIUM (2017), in which he took to the stage 58 followers of the Lens Racing Club.

Mohamed El Khatib won the Dramatic Literature Grand Prix in 2016 with the play Finir en beauté, in which he dwells on the end of his mother’s life. In his text C’est la vie (2017)awarded by the French Academy, he completes this series on the question of grief and shows that a comedy is only a tragedy with a little bit of distance… Finally, after having a singular Dispute (2018), in cinema he tackled the question of inheritance with his latest film, Renault 12 (2019), a road movie between Orleans and Tangiers.

Mohamed El Khatib is an artist linked to the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, the Théâtre National in Bretagne and to Malraux – Scène nationale in Chambéry.

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