Enzo Cormann

Author of around 30 plays and texts for the musical scene, translated, published and performed in several countries. Amont his plays, there are Credo, Sade, Concert d’enfers, Diktat, Toujours l’orage, Cairn, La révolte des anges or L’Autre. His latest published play is L’Histoire mondiale de ton âme, vol. 1. In France his plays and essays on theatre are regularly released by Éditions de Minuit and Solitaires Intempestifs.

Accompanied by saxophone player Jean-Marc Padovani, since 1990 he has directed the jazz-poetry adventure “La Grande Ritournelle”.

Éditions Gallimard has published several of his novels.

He lectures at ENSATT in Lyon (where since 2003 he has chaired the Department of Playwrights) and at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Since 2014 he has also been artistic director of the Studio Européen des Ecritures pour le Théâtre (CNES – La Chartreuse Villeneuve lez Avignon).

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