Staged reading

El mal de la piedra

de Blanca Doménech
Directed by
Montse Rodríguez

At 7 p.m.

Parc Central del Poblenou
Free entry

Within the context of the Obrador d’estiu, we are offering three examples of new Spanish playwriting. Three texts authored by playwrights that have seen success in Madrid and everywhere else that they have premiered, but that until now could not be seen in Catalonia.


El mal de la piedra takes a critical look at the dark side of Spain’s past and its historical memory. Andrés and Miranda, the characters in this story, take part in a unique dialectical combat in the Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen). Through their encounter, the polarised political debate prevails, dragging them into a spiral where the arguments are dangerously assailed from all points of view.

Author: Blanca Doménech

Direction: Montse Rodríguez

Cast: Óscar Muñoz and Laura Domènech 

Voice-over: Quim Àvila, Xavier Boada and Ernest Villegas

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