MobPro (Mobility program)

A Professional Meeting for International Playwrights
From 18/07/2018 to 20/07/2018

The European project Fabulamundi has designed and will run a structured mobility program which will be a unique occasion for the 80 playwrights participating in the project to live an international mobility and attend professionals training and peer to peer learning activities, together with a selected group of EU playwrights, as well as organizations and stakeholders relevant at national and international level.

The main objectives of the MobPro are to stimulate and raise awareness through open discussions on the role and position of playwrights in contemporary society, with specific reference to the “Beyond Borders?” theme, and to provide playwrights with new insights, capabilities and opportunities in terms of international exchanges and self-positioning within the European context.

Sessions –moderated by expert trainers and facilitators Cristina Da Milano and François Matarasso– will be articulated in 3 days.

Participants: Muhammet Ali Bas (Austria), Lancelot Hamelin (France), Ferran Joanmiquel (Catalonia), Dana Lukasinska (Poland), Mihaela Michailov (Romania), Roberto Scarpetti (Italy), Jelena Schulte (Germany) and Sandra Szwarc (Poland), among others.

Coordinated by Cristina Da Milano and François Matarasso

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