Presentation of Dramawalker Poblenou

With the authors and coordinators of the project

At 6 p.m.

Parc Central del Poblenou
Free entry

Before the first walk, on 14 July, there will be a public presentation of the project in Parc Central del Poblenou (6 p.m.), with the authors of the stories: Roc Esquius, Sílvia Navarro, Oriol Puig and Mercè Sarrias. There will be also Fernando Sánchez Cabezudo, artistic coordinator of Centro Dramático Nacional; Aina Tur, artistic coordinator of the project and Rafel Plana, sound designer and music composer.

Dramawalker is a project designed to create geolocalised sound fictions, as a living memory of cities, promoted by the Centro Dramático Nacional in collaboration with the Sala Beckett, Grupo Chévere and the Centro Dramático Galego (Xunta de Galicia). The raw material of the programme is provided by the stories told by the neighbourhood residents. Based on meetings with the programme playwrights, a series of sound fictions have been created that come to life interactively as people walk through the streets featured.


Roc Esquius, Sílvia Navarro, Oriol Puig and Mercè Sarrias, authors

Fernando Sánchez Cabezudo, artistic coorinator of Centro Dramático Nacional

Aina Tur, artistic coorinator of Dramawalker Poblenou

Rafel Plana, sound designer and music composer

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