Roc Esquius

An actor, playwright and director trained at the Nancy Tuñón Studio in Barcelona, founder of the Dara theatre company and an active member of the Peripècies company resident at the Sala Beckett.

He is the author of iMeEl Catalon d’una nit d’estiuMars JoanEls pastorets de la MartinaClaqué o no and Sàpiens. The first five of these were premiered by the Dara company, touring around Catalonia and Madrid. Sàpiens was directed by Sergi Belbel.

The author combines playwriting and directing with acting, performing at theatres and alternative venues in Barcelona, Catalonia and Madrid together with Sergi Belbel, Guillem Clua and Josep Sala, and Sergi Manel Alonso, among others.

He also works in the audiovisual sector, playing a supporting character on Tv3’s La Riera for 3 seasons and featuring in other drama productions.

Roc Esquius is also an IT engineer and technologist, as well as a leisure monitor with an eclectic range of training.