Race, sex, stories, bodies, visions: the value of diversity in acting

Acting workshop
Teacher: Marco Calvani ,
From 06/07/2017 to 10/07/2017
Thursday to Monday
From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
325€ (lunch included)
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Total hours: 30h

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Marco Calvani made an impact ten years ago with Le Mani Forti and last year he took part in the project AdA (Author Directs Author).

At any historical moment –and this one in particular– in which diversity does not communicate something idealistic and virtuous any more, but instead something cynical and suspect, we inevitably tend to lose awareness of ourselves and of others, and deprive ourselves of the right to be unique and distinctive individuals.

This workshop will explore the idea of diversity by using the biographic, intellectual, physical and emotional differences of each participant and incorporating them into existing characters or into ones yet to be invented.

The stage becomes a laboratory in which different personalities constantly inspire each other, and the full interpretive meaning is revealed only through acceptance of ourselves.

During the sessions, I will work on two aspects:

  • Relaxation and the awakening of the body (Alexander technique, Stanislavskji-Strasberg method, meditation, music therapy)
  • From feelings within oneself to vocal and spoken expression (through improvisation of new texts and work with existing ones)

I will try to give specific tools to each of the participants to release the individuality. These tools will help them characterize their emotional world and also extend their imagination and their ability to expand the expression of their voice and their body beyond simple imitation.

Homework will be given prior to the beginning of the workshop.

Within the GREC 2017 Festival of Barcelona.

Marco Calvani

Italian born, Marco is an award-winning writer and director. Trained as an actor since he was a teenager, he made his debut as a playwright in 2002 with Quasi, commissioned by the European Social Forum. Le mani forti was his first play to be performed to great acclaim throughout Europe (among others, at Grec Festival 2007 directed by Marc Martínez). Commissions from Todi Art Festival, Phoenix Theatre of London, Teatro di Roma, Théâtre de la Ville of Paris, La MaMa Theatre of New York and Grec Fundació de Barcelona followed. Other plays include: Oil (Teatro India, Rome; Robert Moss Theatre, NYC), The City Beneath (La MaMa Theatre, NYC; Ubud Festival, Indonesia; The Actors Studio, NYC), Penelope in Groznyj (Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin; Napoli Teatro Festival, Italy; Teatro Vascello, Rome), Nails (Fringe Festival Madrid; Galleria Toledo, Naples), Things Of This World (Spoleto Festival; Fringe Festival Madrid; La MaMa Theatre), I Am Dracula (Teatro Fabbricone, Prato), The Second Time (Biennale Venice, La MaMa Theatre) and After The Dark (Sala Beckett and La MaMa Theatre, NYC, as part of the AdA Project). With Neil LaBute he created the international project AdA – Author directing Author, which reached its third edition in 2016. He is a member of the Literary Board at the National Theatre of Scotland, of the Dramatists Guild of America and of the Playwrights/Directors Unit at The Actors Studio. He was the winner of the 2011 S.I.A.E. Prize for Best Playwright, of the 2013 Outstanding Playwright at Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Awards and of the 2015 Calcante Prize. He was also the recipient of the 2015 Writer Fellowship at the Edward F. Albee Foundation. He recently wrote and directed his first film, The View From Up Here (US/France 2017), starring Melissa Leo and Leila Bekhti, based on his homonymous play. Marco currently lives in New York.

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