Pedro Páramo

by Juan Rulfo
Dramaturgy by Pau Miró
Directed by
Mario Gas

At 6 p.m.

Sala de dalt
Free entry

Four plays that we could have seen at different theatres in Barcelona if the Festival GREC could have been held as was planned. We will be able to become acquainted with them as if it were the first day of rehearsals, with the actors sitting around the table and with the corresponding explanations from the artistic teams involved.


A humble man, Pedro Páramo, rises to become the chief of his village, Comala, a little place that he himself will go on to squeeze and drag down until he converts it into a ghost town. Years later, his son, Juan Preciado, will return to the village and meet the phantoms of those who lived there, and discover who his father really was and how he took advantage of the villagers, his mother included. This is a story about corruption that talks to us about the mechanisms of power and how they are used around the world for self-benefit, based on the events that occur in a small community. The story of the father, the most important and corrupt man in Comala, and of his son, who arrives in the town when it is deserted and all that wanders its streets are the souls of those who used to live there, alternating in a labyrinthine structure. The stage adaptation has been created by Pau Miró, a director and playwright who trained at the Institut del Teatre and at the Sala Beckett, and already tackled the text in the year 2015 when directing an own dramatic adaptation that he titled Comala and that was shown at Almeria Teatre.

This activity will be streamed on Youtube

Written by Juan Rulfo
Dramaturgy by Pau Miró
Directed by Mario Gas

Cast: Pablo Derqui and Vicky Peña

A production of Teatre Romea and Grec 2020 Festival de Barcelona

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