Speakers’ Corner at the Obrador d’estiu

People always write better out loud!
From 13/07/2017 to 14/07/2017

At 6pm

Like a Barcelona version of Hyde Park, this year’s Obrador d’estiu includes once more its own Speakers’ Corner, for anyone who wants to make their texts or dramatic scenes public and share them with the other participants.

In an informal atmosphere, without any pressure of the “what will people say?” kind, in the late afternoons of Thursday and Friday, the Obrador d’estiu offers a space to all participants (teachers and students alike) where they can read texts and scenes of their own creation, short dialogues and test pieces, while knowing that they can count on the complicity of those who will be listening.

The texts should have a maximum duration of 10 minutes and to read them you will only have a chair, a lectern, a micro and a spotlight. That’s all! We encourage you to do the reading yourselves, although if you decide to resort to actor or actress friends we won’t say no, as long as you maintain these minimal technical conditions. The language used in the reading is absolutely free and there will be no simultaneous translation.

Go on, dare to share with other playwrights, novices and/or professionals like yourselves the texts and scenes you have stashed away in the drawer or that have just occurred to you in the last few days…

Give us a taste of that work you are writing and that you are not sure completely works!

Show us that short play that you believe is an absolute corker!

Send us your proposals to

DEADLINE: 3rd July

Remember that people always write better out loud!