Bàrbara Mestanza

(Barcelona, 1990)

Born in Barcelona, Bàrbara Mestanza studied musical theatre, directing and playwriting at Eòlia and playwriting at the Institut de Teatre. At the age of 12, she made her debut as an actress and in 2013, as a director and playwright, taking to the stage several plays with her company The Mamzelles Teatre. In 2018, she commenced her solo career as a creator. Her plays have been presented at Teatre Lliure,  Sala Àtrium, ​​Poliorama, La Seca, Maldà, La Gleva, Festival Grec, Sala Beckett and Teatro Pavón and Teatro de la Abadía in Madrid. Her plays have also visited Mexico, Italy, Uruguay, Peru and Argentina. In late 2021, she won the Festival Temporada Alta Playwriting Tournament, and in 2022 she participated in the Transatlantic Playwriting Tournament in Argentina.

At Sala Beckett we have seen her at the projects POCAHONTAS o la verdadera historia de una traviesa (as an actress, director and author) and Todas las flores (as author).