Denise Despeyroux

Playwright, stage director, actress, teacher and scriptwriter. She has premiered fifteen plays in theatres in Madrid, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, notably the Teatro Fernán Gómez, Sala Beckett, Teatro Solís, Teatro María Guerrero (Centro Dramático Nacional) and Teatro Español.

Since 2014 she has been nominated as Best Playwright in the Max awards on four consecutive years: with La Realidad, Carne viva (Best Off 2014 according to the jury of “El Cultural”, it ran for 3 years), Los dramáticos orígenes de la galaxias espirales (produced by the Centro Dramático Nacional) and last year on the short list with Un tercer lugar, produced by the Teatro Español and considered by critics as one of the best shows of the year (Marcos Ordóñez, “Babelia”, El País; “El Cultural”, El Mundo; critics jury in “Volodia”, etc.). She was shortlisted for playwriting and stage direction of this piece for the Premio Valle-Inclán, the greatest award in Spanish theatre.

Last season she was on tour with Un tercer lugar and premiered Tiempos mezquinos, freely-based on Hedda Gabler, by Ibsen, the result of a commission by the Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao, which produced it, and directed by Raúl Cancelo.

She has also received a grant from the Teatro Pavón-Kamikaze to write a new play and a Leonardo Grant in support of her next project.

In 2019, Despeyroux will write and direct the new production of the company T de Teatre, which will open at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona.

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