Lucía Carballal

(Madrid, 1984)

Lucía Carballal trained in Playwriting at RESAD in Madrid, the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and the Berlin University of the Arts.

She has written over ten plays. The most recent are La actriz y la incertidumbre, in the framework of the project La Pira of the Centro Dramático Nacional, Las bárbaras (Centro Dramático Nacional), La resistencia (Teatros del Canal), Una vida americana (Teatro Galileo, finalist in the Max Awards for Best Play) and Los temporales (Centro Dramático Nacional),  all gathered in the book Las últimas, published by the publishing house La uña rota en 2021.

Her most outstanding earlier plays include A España no la va a conocer ni la madre que la parió, jointly written with Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez, premiered at the Festival Russafa Escènica de Valencia and winner of the Eurodram Award, and Mejor historia que la nuestra, performed at the Teatro Lara and winner of the second prize in the Marqués de Bradomín Award. She also wrote the texts for the project Storywalker: de Qingtian a Usera, creating nine sound fictions about the Chinese community in Madrid.

In 2019 she was one of the seven European playwrights chosen by the prestigious playwright Simon Stephens to participate in the international playwriting event 7 d’un cop! at the Sala Beckett.

Alongside her theatre work, she has been a scriptwriter and taught writing courses at the Sala Beckett, the ECAM and La Casa Encendida.