Staged reading

Artificial intelligence

New Short Plays
From 05/07/2021 to 07/07/2021

At 7p.m.

Parc Central del Poblenou
Free entry

Every year we invite a group of young writers from different countries to work during l’Obrador d’estiu with an experienced playwright. This year, for the first time this playwright is Ella Hickson, who has proposed to work on the subject Artificial intelligence. From this topic, authors have written short plays that, translated into Catalan, will be presented to the public in the form of staged readings.

Monday 5th July

  • Mi retrato, by Almudena Ramírez-Pantanella
  • Sia, by Eu Manzanares

Tuesday 6th July

  • Aquest lloc estrany, by Tatjana Motta. Translared by Carles Fernández    
  • El nostre nen, by Amalie Olsen. Translated by Enric Guitart
  • Companys simpàtics, by Teresa Dopler. Translated by Laia Haro

Wednesday 7th July

  • Canvey Island, by Vickie Donoghue. Translated by Enric Guitart
  • Odio la luz azul al oído, by Braian Kobla
  • Un amor d’estiu, by Mufaro Mukabika. Translated by Carles Esteban

Authors: Vickie Donoghue (Great Britain), Teresa Dopler (Austria), Braian Kobla (Argentina), Mufaro Makubika (Great Britain), Eu Manzanares (Catalonia), Tatjana Motta (Italy), Amalie Olesen (Denmark) and Almudena Ramírez-Pantanella (Spain).

Translations by Carles Esteban, Carles Fernàndez, Enric Guitart and Laia Haro

Directed by Marta Gil

Cast: Jordi Andújar, Anna Casas, Berta Giraut, Laura Pau, Diana Torné and Armand Villén

Assistant: Daniel Cuello-Esparrell

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