Staged reading

Una vida americana

by Lucía Carballal
Directed by
Marilia Samper

At 7p.m.

Parc Central del Poblenou
Free entry

Within the context of the Obrador d’estiu, we are offering three examples of new Spanish playwriting. Three texts authored by playwrights that have seen success in Madrid and everywhere else that they have premiered, but that until now could not be seen in Catalonia.


Campsite on the outskirts of Minneapolis (United States). There, in an old hired caravan, we find Linda (28 years old) with her mother Paloma and her sibling Robin Rose.

This is the Clarkson family. A Spanish family. They’ve travelled there to meet Warren again: the American that Paloma fell in love with in Madrid in the 1980s, the father of Linda and Robin Rose. The man who promised them an American life but who abandoned them when Linda was ten years old, returning to his home country without leaving any trace other than a memory and an Anglo-Saxon surname.

Once the idea of family was cut short, linked in turn to the idea of America, the Clarkson family’s drift began, now a benchmark for queer modernity in an ordinary neighbourhood in Madrid. But how far does the absent American continue to determine their fate, even twenty years later?

Author: Lucía Carballal

Director: Marilia Samper

Cast: Roser Batalla, Mireia Giraldez, Lluís Marquès and Andrea Ros

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